Sakanaya, Nonantum [Newton, MA]

I just Googled this place, and see a few mentions of Sakayana, Allston, which seems to have moved to Nonantum (next to Koko bakery.). I wasn’t aware of its previous incarnation, but my wife, who works in the area, noticed a line of people out the door and halfway down the block to get into the Newton store. Partly, because COVID, and partly because it’s tiny, no doubt. At any rate, they sell domestic and imported sushi-grade fish, in both large and small quantities. They will combine what you pick into a rice bowl (kind of a rustic Chirashi style) for quite reasonable prices. I will say that whomever cut my fish did not quite have the knife skill of a real sushi chef, but it was very fresh and a good quick lunch option. Or, if you want to prepare at home, I’m sure it’s a good option for that.


cool tip–I love that it’s close to Koko, which is really good. Thanks!

Oh, good to know. Thanks for that. I was sad to see their Allston location turn into The Scoop and Scootery, although I’m sure the local college kids are happy to have it in the hood.

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