[Saint-Ouen, Greater Paris] Greek restaurant Yaya

Saint-Ouen is a city north of Paris, if you like to look for vintages objects and furnitures, you should visit the flea market on weekend.

Yaya is situated in the newly renovated Dock Saint Ouen, not too far from the maire of Saint Ouen. The restaurant was one of the first to arrive in the future market building. An area full of residential and new office building, we still see a lot of constructions going on.

Yaya in Greek is a nickname for grandmother. The owners (in olive oil business) and the columbian chef Juan Arbelaez joined venture and opened this restaurant in 2017. It won a lefooding prize, which is how I first noticed the place. Funny enough, the place was quite close to where I live.

I had a hard time persuading husband to visit the place, when I mentioned it, he thought it was another Turk/Greek kebab place that was quite common everywhere over the city and has preferred to eat in other places. It was a night when we were both quite tired after a hard day work in gardening, and we just wanted to eat out. I reserved the place without specifically telling him where. Luckily it was a good surprise to him.

Anguille fumée, marinée et grillée - Smoked eel, marinated and grilled on a toasted homemade olive oil bread, caper leaves, pickled onions, lemon zest

Poulpe mariné - marinated octopus with lemon and sherry, roasted cashews, mint zucchini puree and basil.

Pita poitrine de cochon confite - Pita confit of pork confit snacks on a grill, tzatziki, onions pickles, smoked paprika

Pita épaule d’agneau confite - lamb shoulder confit grilled on plancha, tzatziki, sun-dried tomatoes and pickled onions

We liked the pitas, but in comparison the entries shone and had better balance of taste.

I had a Mán’nko Tiki - plantation rum , Greek house alcohol, pineapple nectar and Elematukule bitter

Husband had a Greek beer, Fix

The service was friendly and helpful. When we reserved online, the confirmation email told us that outdoor space was running out, and they had to seat us indoors. But the server proposed and tried her best to put us outside with the others.

The space was immense, indoor was empty that night.

They were selling Greek products.!

We didn’t have room for dessert, our meal with drink was 58,50 €. We noticed (only when we got home) that the entry Eel toast was offered. The service slow for the entries, but we ate well and enjoyed our night. We will go back to check out lunch.

Lunch dishes at 15€ :

8 Rue de l’Hippodrome
93400 Saint-Ouen
TĂ©l : +33 (0)1 44 04 27 65
Reservation: www.yayarestaurant.com


Our last visit and another visit from my friend’s office dinner confirmed cuisine has deteriorated. Cooking was not the same and was rather mediocre and many items was not available to order from the menu.

After a few lessons, I tend to avoid the high profile Juan Arbelaez’s food group, I think the chef entrepreneur is too busy opening new restaurants than taking time to manage them.