Saint Arnold Brewery - Houston

Even on a rainy weekday the pavilion at Saint Arnold was buzzy with office workers having burgers and beers. Inside the restaurant structued like an ancient church, families and tourists occupied most of the tables.

The menu is interesting, though fairly average in reality. I had the Texas Hot Fried Chicken, which was indeed hot on first bite, but tempered thereafter. Made with my favorite cut of boneless thigh, I was looking forward to it, but it lacked the crispiness it needed. The mac n cheese side made with raclette cheese was creamy but somehow unsatisfying. The cheese was fairly powerful. I ate little of the dish.

We also had some appetizers, the elote was barely warm and strangely flavorless, the chips seemed stale. The pretzels were not pretzely, but I’m not a huge fan of pretzels, they were someone else’s choice. The lamb chops were adequate and another person ordered a salad but ate only a few bites, it looked pretty hully.

The beer is served European style, nearly room temp.

I may just be too old for this place! The setting is lovely though and one could do worse than while away an afternoon under the overhang around the bubbling champagne glass or whatever the middle fountain is, noshing on adequate fare. And there are oversized games to play too.

The first photo of the fountain is borrowed from Yelp, the rest are mine.


The chicken “looks” fabulous. Too bad it fell a bit short.

I do like the menu at St. Arnold since they offer a wider variety compared to the typical brewery with some mediocre food truck serving pub fare or only a few sandwiches/burgers.

Shame to hear that about the hot chicken, I thought it had a decent kick and it sounds like they’ve tuned it down! Though I might be getting that and the fire emoji sandwich confused because one of those did have serious heat. When my buddy ordered it, the server even asked “are you sure?” My other go-tos there are the house cured meat, shrimp/crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, and the reuben.

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