Sainsbury/Asda merger. Good thing or not?

Dont shop at either so indifferent. I do feel that the lack of consumer choice this will cause is a bit alarming though.

The “high street” has been pretty much killed off over the last couple of decades. Within ten minutes drive, I’ve got all of the “big five” supermarkets, as well as Aldi, Lidl and M&S.

What I havent got is a decent butcher or greengrocer. Where I live was once a distinct village but was absorbed into the metro area during the 1930s. Mum would do all her shopping there up to the 1970s. Folk decry the number of takeaways that we now have - but folk support those businesses but they didnt support the greengrocers and it closed a few years back. Back in the day, I’d pop in a couple of times a week, chat to Nick about how badly Man City was doing (yes, it’s quite a while back), give him a list of my Christmas order to collect just before, etc.

"Blimey - talk about the nostalgic ramblings of an old man, eh?)

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Nostalgia is nice sometimes. I wish I had a decent butcher / greengrocer. At least I can get the veg from the market but I buy meat from Field and Flower these days. Having a good relationship with a butcher seems like a luxury now :confused:

I am fortunate to have a great butcher near my office. Rest assured a lot of customers still get heckled about their football team as they enter.

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