Saigon Sandwich [San Francisco, Tenderloin]

I got a sandwich for lunch today from Saigon Sandwich, a Tenderloin mainstay on a corner of Larkin and Eddy.

The prices have inched up a bit since I started going here, but the banh mi are still an incredible deal.

They are a hole in the wall and pretty much takeout only. I felt a little fancy today and had a Banh Mi Ba Chi Cha Pate / Pork Belly Combination ($7) which had roast pork belly along with cha lua, a spongy pork sausage, and pate.

I took it down the street to Emperor Norton’s Boozeland and ate it with a pint of Pliny. It was a glorious messy mix of meats, livery pate, mayonnaise, pickled daikon and carrot, cilantro, and jalapeños. The bread was crusty and fluffy inside. It was a delicious sandwich.


B.Y.O.S!!! Love it! :smiley: