Sahara 34 [Matawan, NJ]

I picked up the new Sahara 34 menu today (as well as some
halvah and some lebni in the store).

They have added some new dishes: half a dozen salads,
half a dozen Greek dishes (e.g., moussaka), and some
Italian dishes–because after all, there are so few
Italian restaurants around here :frowning:

The prices went up about $2 per dish from the 2005 menu I
had–except for lamb chops, which went from $14.99 to
$24.99! (The falafel wrap went up only fifty cents, so
maybe it’s primarily an increase in the price of meat.)

(Oh, and it’s still halal.)

Haven’t tried it yet.

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I just came from the market at Sahara 34. I absolutely love their restaurant but was in the mood for cooking something different tonight. Got a pound of lamb (only $6.99), a large pack of ultra thin Lebanese style pita bread, and some of their glorious white sauce (which they threw in for free). Can’t wait to cook tonight!



You had me at lamb. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This place holds a special spot for me, but I swear everything is slightly different each time we go. It is always tasty but never really the same. Also, eating there is always an odd experience. We rarely are there with anyone else. They are always very nice but it is weird. That being said, I go back, again and again and again. I could live off that lentil soup and eggplant. YUM.

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I agree! Never the same, but never too different. Have you also realized how the restaurant never has anyone eating there despite amazing food? I’ve eaten in twice. Once there was one other table besides mine, and the second time there was NO ONE! I don’t understand it.

Under the previous owners we used to see other people when we went at lunchtime. I’m not sure what has happened since then–we actually have gone back much either.

THERE IS NEVER ANYONE EATING! EVER! We eat there semi-regularly maybe once a month or so. I think I have seen another table once, maybe twice. It blows my mind. Is the market doing that much business to support that place? I also never see anyone coming in for takeout so it really is a puzzler to me.

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FYI, saw this posted on our local FB group. Looks like Sahara 34 has changed owners/management and will be having a grand re-opening Friday. We haven’t been in several months after a few rough takeout meals:

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Ugh. Another grand reopening? My first visit there two years ago was shortly after they “reopened”. The Sahara 34 name has been used there since I was a child, but they have a grand reopening every few years.

Haven’t been back since I stopped working in Aberdeen a year ago. Food was always excellent (in house, at least) but NEVER anyone eating there scared me off.

Yes, lots of “new” management. We have had some big issues with consistency over the years. It wasn’t ever bad (except for the last couple of times) but nearly never the same.

I ate here a while back with a large group. Food was meh. So meh in fact that I can’t remember a single thing I ate… I hope they have improved.

Hard to go here though when it’s right between Bun and West Lake.

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So did anyone go?

My wife and I drove up from Manalapan last night. As seems to be the norm, we were the only people in the place. She had the spinach pie platter and a hibiscus tea, and I went with the falafel platter. The food was alright, maybe just missing some acid and a little salt. The wife liked the tea, at least. It was reasonably priced, coming in under $30. The most bizarre part was that it took 20 minutes to get our order taken, another 30 for the food, and almost 45 after we finished eating to get the check. We didn’t realize for a while since we were talking, but once we did I literally had to stick my head into the kitchen to find someone who I could ask for a bill. Also had to ask 3 times for a box. I’m not sure if we’ll be back, other than to snag some stuff from the market.

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Ah, this place is somehow still around!

I’ve gotten takeout from here a couple times during covid and it hasn’t been bad. I think one time the baba was going sour. But I will say their gyro/pita wraps are real good! If you’re into gyros and you’re in the area I highly recommend giving it a try.

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How are the gyros wraps compared to Evan’s?