Safeway Boar's Head Explosion…

For the longest time the local Safeway deli carried only their house brand (Primo Taglio) meats and cheeses. Some of these were good (turkey, ham, some cheeses), and others sucked (pastrami, roast/corned beef).

But within the last couple of months Boar’s Head is “everywhere”… from the deli being stacked with meats and cheeses (which they now build their sandwiches from), to numerous racks of pre-packaged (meats, cheeses, charcuterie, pickles, etc.) just off the deli side entrance. Holy Cr*p!

Now I am in a small town, so maybe your Safeway (in more populated areas) have had this for a while. Yesterday I grabbed prosciutto, hard and genoa salami, mortadella, and provolone… all destined for an Italian chopped salad (and maybe a sub) later this week.

But had to sample a bite of each yesterday and am a pretty happy camper.

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Boar’s Head used to camp out in the higher-end stores. Now it’s become much more widespread in supermarkets around me , even with refrigerated end-caps stocked with brand-labeled, pre-sliced selections.

Yeah… I used to have to drive down the back side of the mountain on a steep and windy road to a Holiday Market to get it. Ok in Summer, not an option in Winter. So happy it is now local.

Ever tried their pickles?

Our Safeways have lots of BH stuff too. I really like their premade sandwich wraps with roast beef and blue cheese. Don’t remember having their pickles.

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Randall’s (Safeway here) carries Dietz and Watson in addition to the Primo Taglio. I’ve like what little I’ve tried of the D&W, been disappointed in PT. Kroger and HEB carry Boar’s Head here, and an independent here and there (also Sprouts which is downsizing in the market).

I like the BH Kosher dill spears. Can’t remember the other brand I like - Claussen?, Batampte?

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Ba-Tampte half-sours are the bomb, but because they are hall-sours, you must eat them quickly before they age into regular old dill pickles. Not a problem!!!

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