safe harbor seafood, st. augustine fl

I believe this is part of a jacksonville mini-chain of two restaurants offering well-priced, no-frills, fresh seafood. We started with a dozen raw oysters ($19), fresh, delicous, minor nit, not cleaned so they slip out of the shell. I had blackened mayport shrimp served with a side of collard greens and hushpuppies ($15). Honestly, I would have been happy just eating their hushpuppies and collard greens . My shrimp were plump, fresh and perfectly prepared, wife had broiled flounder ($22), looked a little dry but turned out perfect, she had fries as a side which are and should be skippable given how good the southern sides look.

Friendly service, clean, decor and lighting maybe a step up or two from a cafeteria, but comfortable and full of people in a good mood eating wonderful, fairly priced seafood.

ps this is about 15 minutes south of the old city on a1a.



That sounds great! Collards and hushpuppies make a world of difference.

ont heopysters, do you mean the foot wan’t cut, so they don’t slide out nicely?

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exactly right john, sorry i wasn’t clearer. not sure what’s correct etiquette but i grew up in a fishing community where no one used forks to eat clams and oysters. instead, after cleaning, we’d lift the shells to our mouth allowing the mollusk, liquid and sauce to slide off the shell.

it always pains me to see my wife daintily using a fork, leaving all the delicious, briny liquid behind.