Sadarnac, Paris 20

I have now posted my meal at Sadarnac last Saturday night.


Lise Deveix really pushes the envelope at Sadarnac and we love it, even if all of her experiments don’t work out perfectly. We’ve been twice for lunch and twice for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed each visit. Even though the St. Blaise quartier of the once independent village of Charonne is out of the way, we always felt completely comfortable walking around in the day or evenings. Perhaps because it is so distant from tourist central most of the diners are French locals. Was that your experience the night visited, onz?

I’ve been twice at lunch – once pre-pandemic, once after. There were af few other people at the first lunch, none at the second – Deveix said that was normal for Thursday lunch. Last Saturday, there was a another table of four Americans and I think everyone else was French, although I couldn’t tell with the table of five that was inside. There were a number of tables empty, but they were turning away people who walked up and wanted to eat – maybe because it was Saturday evening and they would be closed until Tuesday evening, they calculated the amount of food needed for the reservations and didn’t have more to feed walk-ins.

Lovely meal and thanks for sharing. I like the cuisine, portions looked a bit tiny to me though, at least from what I see on the photos.

I guess it’s different for each person. We certainly didn’t go away hungry, and it didn’t seem unusual for Paris. But if one is used to US/UK-sized portions, or even French province-sized, this wouldn’t do.

Good to know it’s enough. Used to this type of small plates, but sometimes there are like 6-7 of them.
Personally, I don’t eat a lot, this is certainly more than enough for me, but going with someone else, need to make sure.

I’ll add the place in my future to try list.

Have you tried lunch as well? Are they very different from dinner?

Lunch is fairly similar, maybe less of an amuse bouche, and maybe less expensive ingredients, or maybe not.

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Thanks again…this looks like really interesting and delicious cooking. I will look forward to trying.