Sad News: Belcampo in Palo Alto Closing

This Belcampo location will close soon on March 2. They already stopped serving hot food. Try to visit before their closing date to sponsor earth-friendly farming.

I am very sad to see them go. They will relocate to Hillsdale in San Mateo. Honestly, I don’t understand why they chose not to move to another location in South Bay.

I talked to the employees on Saturday. They said the location was a little small. While its not losing money its not very profitable. They are moving towards larger location/ higher traffic model with full service restaurant built in with the meat counter, like Larkspur and Oakland JLS.

The employees in Palo Alto are going to be trained at the Oakland Location for the upcoming opening at Hillsdale Mall (i think they said June).

I am going to have to find another source for chicken and egg now that they are closing.