“ SABABA, Steeles Ave, Thornhill “ - First visit after Covid……and their Lamb Shish Kebab is still the BEST in town!

3 decades and counting. This long standing Thornhill icon continued to churn out some of the best Middle Eastern charbroiled grilled meat skewers in town. A particularly scarce offering and favorite of mine is their cooked-to-order Lamb Shish Kebab, using Grass fed Ontario Lamb ( more delicate, sweet and less gamey than their New Zealand cousins ).

Today, braving a late Spring snow storm, my son and I decided to go for a ‘ Grilled Lamb Feast ‘ luncheon. Before the arrival of the main event, we started off with a hot Falafel and Pita appetizer platter. Piping hot, light, airy, well seasoned and crispy, the most enjoyable aspect of this Falafel rendition was their surprisingly moist interior! A real delight to eat with both Tzatziki and Tahini dips.

Our Shish Kebab Skewers of well charred, succulent, juicy and tender lamb morsels were masterfully cooked - rare as ordered. A touch of salt to elevate the overall taste profile and carnivores like myself was instantly propelled to ‘ Meat Heaven ‘!

Service was most friendly and attentive.

A most enjoyable, pleasurable and value-for-money meal, well worth the drive through inclement weather for!


That’s so funny - we must have passed each other in the parking lot. I picked up a to-go falafel from Sababa today around 1:00. Haven’t had the kebabs but love their falafel.


We had a late lunch there…2.30pm!!
…and my daughter’s name is Evelyn too!!


Oops!!! Considering retracting this post.🤔😝

BOTH my son and I experienced food poisoning symptoms the day after we had lunch here! ( diarrhea, chill, aches and pain, mild fever…etc and its NOT Covid since we tested negative! ).

The only common denominator was that we both had Falafel and the cooled-rare Lamb Shish Kebab!?!

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Definitely let Public Health know.

I reported suspected Norwalk in London in 2019, and sure enough, at least 29 other people had reported becoming sick after the same banquet. It was confirmed to be Norwalk.

I think a lot of staff touching food do not wash their hands properly after touching their phones, credit card terminals and / or money.

Eek. Sorry to hear.

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