Sababa Hot Pita Bar by AQ/TBD folks opens in former Paladar space [SF]

When the popular Cuban restaurant Paladar closed on Kearny St., I noticed that the liquor license had been transferred to the original owner of Million Thai on Van Ness, and speculated (on the other board) that it would become a Thai restaurant.

That plan apparently fell through, and it is now Sababa, a fast casual pita bar whose manager/chef is Guy Eshel, a native Israeli who formerly cooked for AQ.

Eater had an article on Sababa before it even had a space:

AQ/TBD Team Going Fast-Casual with Sababa, A New Falafel Concept

There are already several Yelp reviews

It’s at 329 Kearny St., in the block I once speculated might be the most culinarily diverse block in all of San Francisco.

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I’m hoping this place is the real deal because SF deserves somewhere that can make a legit version of sabich. (The blissful insanity of Sabich Frishman in Tel Aviv is a bit of a schlep.)

Edit: among the glowing Yelp reviews, zero mention the sabich. Not terribly encouraging but I suppose it might just be that the shills figure they need to play up hummus and falafel. The menu only says “Sabik - fried eggplant, 300 minute egg.” Does the sabich in pita come with amba and zchug per the standard way of making it? (Fried potato would be a bonus.)

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I tried it! It was the real deal! I’ve been to Israel and this compares to the kind you would get there. It was fabulous!

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― Jonathan Gold