S Pellegrino Aranciata

I have loved San P Aranciata for years, and try to always have some on hand. I usually mix it with plain seltzer, but if splurging on sugar, will sometimes drink it straight. I’ve noticed I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of packs as much as usual. Then happened to notice they’ve downsized the can. I really think they’ve changed the formula too. Any fans out there who’ve also noticed a difference in taste?

I usually have a stock of most of the SP range but currently limited due to home delivery availablity. Currently just got lemon and orange. Big fan of the pomegranate & orange and the lemon & mint. I like them becuase they are less sweet than many other soft drinks.

Can’t say I’ve noticed a change in the flavour of the orange. And the can size is unchanged at 330ml.

Thanks @Harters. Unfortunately I don’t have an old can to compare to the new size; my can says 11.15 oz/330 mls also. Both the calorie count and grams of sugar are lower than the old, but that could be due to the slight downsizing. Wish I could compare the ingredient list, as it does seem somewhat different to me.

Here in my markets, I can only get orange, blood orange and lemon flavor. But I haven’t been grocery shopping since before Christmas, so it’s possible they’re carrying some new flavors too. Maybe I’ll look online out of curiosity, since I might not get to the store for awhile.

Our #1 supermarket choice, Sainsbury, only stocks the three you mention but our #2 place, Waitrose, usually has what I think is the full range (6?). Having at last managed to score a home delivery with Sainsbury this week (for the first time), I was happy to trade off my preferred flavours against a whole host of familiar “own label” products.

All of the SP drinks now have sweetener. That may be why you aren’t enjoying it as much. In Italy they still have only sugar. I hate sweeteners in drinks. The Italian deli nearish to me sells the SP from Italy so it’s the only time I buy it. I love chinotto.


No wonder! Thanks for responding! I must have been getting the real deal until very recently. I immediately noticed the slight downsizing, since it used to be the same size as the seltzer can, and additionally I realized I didn’t like it as much, but thought maybe my palate was off. I will look for the Italian stuff now that I know.

Diet Coke is the only drink I like with artificial sweeteners, and just occasionally. Love the Mexican coke made with cane sugar, no comparison to regular coke. Have to watch sugar though.

Please tell me your preferred brand of chinotto - anxious to try it @calam1ty.

Hmm, I don’t see artificial sweeteners on the official U.S. ingredient list:

Let me grab my most recently used last can, it was the last. Now I’m realizing also that it didn’t have the foil metal covering, either. Stay tuned.

It’s not listed on the cans either. Just sugar as a sweetener. (Pic from package, can was too reflective for a pic)

Ok, I think I’ve figured it out; they have in fact reformulated the recipe. They’ve reduced the sugar by 10%, and added stevia. Since stevia is from a plant, it can be classified as a natural flavoring. There’s also pectin in the ingredient list, but that may have been there before. I wish I had an old can for comparison.

I also found out that product sold in cartons doesn’t have the foil tops, but other packaging does.

I knew there was something different, and the sugar grams were lower I felt than the slight downsizing would reflect.

ETA, meant to reply to @ChristinaM and @Thimes.

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The ingredient list on the can I’ve got reads “Water, lemon juice from concentrate (11%), lemon juice (5%), sugar, carbon dioxide, natural lemon flavouring, stabilisers, pectin, sweeteners, stevial glycoside, natural flavourings. Sweetener from natural origin.”

There you go - that says it all - sweeteners and stevial. Thanks @Harters, to my mind, we can now put this mystery to rest. Manufacturer’s reformulate all the time, most especially after an acquisition or any type of buyout, IPO, or whatever. I’m sure you know that of course.

Not food related, but almost all classic fragrances have been changed also. Some bear almost no resemblance to the originals. I found this out the hard, and expensive way, as most purchases of that type are non-refundable. I did find some good re-formulations however. Find it kind of sad in both good food or fragrance products. I’m on the hunt for some good old fashioned patchouli, not to wear, but in a candle or something. The new stuff smells so damn weird.

H bought 12 more cans of this for me, since I was completely out. Sadly it will be the last time for me. I’m open to any and all suggestions for something else for reasonably healthy hydration. Don’t like plain water much. My target would be something very fizzy, citrusy tart or passion fruit type flavor with no artificial flavors or stevia. I can always taste stevia, and don’t like it. Up to about 35 grams of sugars ok, as I dilute it, and limit to no more than a can a day, total. Usually. TIA. I’ll be looking online too.

Check out Waterloo seltzers. They are quite flavorful and unsweetened. House favorite is the black cherry. Whole Foods’ ginger seltzer is interesting, too - I burned out on it.

Thank you! I used to drink kombucha a lot, but found out I was actually drinking too much of it. I’m going to get more, and just limit how much. But will definitely try the Waterloo seltzer’s and look forward to it. I was drinking La Croix, but I burned out on all flavors that I liked. Since a hiatus, maybe I’ll pick some up and try now. I’d add a splash of pomegranate, cranberry or sour cherry to them sometimes too. I’ll try the WF ginger seltzer as well. Ginger beer is way too sweet I’ve found, even with dilution it’s hard for it to taste right to me.

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I love sour cherry. That sounds very good. Do you have a SodaStream/water carbonator? I like bubbly water with fresh clementine juice. You could also try TJ’s excellent tangerine juice (fridge section).

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Ooh, both good ideas! Yes, I’ll try that. No soda stream, although I’ve thought of one. I actually have a wimpy ISI water or tea carbonater that was expensive, but doesn’t work great. Plus those cartridges are dang expensive too. I like the cream whipper for certain applications, but have learned the hard way you can’t top pies, or even use the cream in the fillings, as it incorporates too much air and collapses your whole dessert. Realize I’m drifting here, but don’t want to devote any counter real estate to a soda stream. We just get the cheap Kroeger seltzer, usually about $2.50 for a 12 pack. We recycle the cans, of course, even the tabs, which are given to a friend who crafts with them. Do you have a cost/benefit analysis opinion on the soda stream? Have the space if more eco friendly or economical. Appreciate your input @ChristinaM!

My unscientific, unresearched opinion is that the SodaStream significantly reduces packaging waste (even if you’re recycling) and probably the carbon emissions from transport, storage, etc. Plus, SS is no longer made in the West Bank (a boycott that worked).

It’s not a space hog - maybe 6-7" square at the base?

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Ok good to know all that. I may well get one. I could even set it up in the garage or laundry room if H objects about it in the kitchen. As I’ve mentioned in other threads, H has taken over the kitchen almost completely. He’s started to complain about everything. There could be war soon. :upside_down_face:

Oh, meant to mention earlier that I’m not afraid of artificial sweeteners from a health standpoint, I just can’t stand the taste of them. With a very few exceptions.

FWIW, we bought a SodaStream online at the beginning of the pandemic, when the economical store brand mineral water we like disappeared from shelves. We’re happy with the SodaStream so far.

We already filtered our tap water before drinking—our tap water does not taste great—so adding the extra step of carbonating has been simple and easy for us. And we don’t buy mineral water as our “treat” to sip with dinner any more. I’m not lugging as much recycling to the curb as a result.

I have yet to exchange a CO2 cartridge in-store because we’re only on our second cartridge. We prefer the lightest carbonation level so the cartridge seems to last longer than the 60 liters rated.

I do wish that the SodaStream Fizzi model had a glass carbonation bottle option. Only plastic.

The company has had trouble keeping up with demand in these times, so I did have to check the website a few times to get a second CO2 canister (so one canister in use, one available to refill).

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