Rye Goods - Newport Beach

Possibly the next best bakery in Orange County? I’m not going to say that yet, but I was very impressed by my initial visit.

Grabbed a chocolate ganache w/ coffee glaze croissant, and while not traditional butter croissant, this was damn tasty. More of a bready flavor and texture, you can taste the high quality ingredients. The chocolate ganache was bitter sweet and the coffee glaze was a nice touch. The outside was crunchy while soft center.

I also grabbed a chocolate chip cookie which was fantastic. Just the right amount of sweetness and a lovely bitterness to offset. The salt was a touch heavy handed but still nice nonetheless.

I’ll back back soon, I got there post lunch so they didn’t have much selection left when I arrived.

Anyone try their loaves of bread? They pass the eye test.


I had a chance to try her ramen noodles a while back. The toasted rye was an interesting take on traditional ramen, nutty and floral at the same time.

Thanks @A5KOBE!

This looks & sounds pretty tasty. :slight_smile: We might have to make a drive down south and give this a try for research. :wink: I’ll definitely try their bread if we go and report back. Thanks.

Sounds unique, thanks for the input. I may need to investigate this further.

Definitely worth a shot, I really liked the croissant and cookie enough to go back and do some more research, you know, for science.

Would love to hear your thoughts on their bread. As I was their, they are using Tehachapi Project and they are all organic.

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I went back this week and grabbed some more provisions.

Poppy seed bagel - this was such a surprise, a great bagel to be had in Newport Beach and rivals the top tier bagels in LA and NY. The flavor and texture were spot on. I toast my all my bagels (yes, I toast all my bagels) and these toasted up beautifully, lovely crunchy exterior and a dense chew. I have some Murrays bagels from New York which I adore and these are right up there with them.

Almond croissant - damn, this was shockingly tasty considering they grind up actual whole almonds instead of using almond paste. Not super buttery, but still a great flavor. The interior is a bit heavy but I don’t mind at all.

Apple vinegar bread - very nice crusty bread with an ever so slight tang and sweetness and a the aroma of cinnamon apple very present. I appreciate the finesse in flavors as nothing dominated in flavor. I made smoked turkey and had the bread as a sandwich, I can also see this easily made as grilled cheese or just toast with your favorite toppings.

Morning bun - like a cross between a kouign amann and a cinnamon roll. The exterior was super crunchy and flakey while the inside soft and a bit more dense.

Still working my way through all the items, but so far I am very pleased with everything.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold