Ruta Ukrainian on Capitol Hill

Located just south of Eastern Market, this is a nice place with pretty table settings and a staff that really is Ukrainian… as were a few of the other customers.

I went with a special of sorrel soup (they called it green borscht) and the halubtsi (meat stufffed cabbage). The waitress frowned a bit when I tried to order the banosh, a polenta dish. So I went with her suggestion.

I am a sucker for sorrel. This was a good hearty soup, with potato, not as sour (or should I say sorrel-y) as I hoped for, but it was served with sour cream on the side and a really nice pumpernickel bread.

Two stuffed cabbage pieces were served in a bowl with a thin gravy and a generous amount of julienned and stewed carrot. More sour cream on the side. The flavor was gentle at first, but really grew the more I ate. It was another hearty dish that I was happier in the end than at the beginning.

I’d go back.


Thanks for the memory jog about green borscht. I have a ton of red-veined sorrel growing in my front garden beds and always resolve (and fail) to do anything useful with it. I found a recipe last summer that I am going to dig out.

Ruta sounds good; I love a stuffed cabbage.