Rustic Canyon (Santa Monica)

We enjoyed Chef Jeremy Fox’s food for the first time 15+ years ago at Ubuntu in Napa. We still talk about some of the dishes from this unique vegetarian restaurant. Finally we had the chance to also dine at one of his LA restaurants, Rustic Canyon, and not surprising the vegetable dishes, like beet & berries or beet & apricot & burrata, were highlights. But the restaurant also didn’t disappoint on the sirloin cap dish. Overall a great night with a really good cocktail list.

Marinated olives

Beets & berries, Anson Mills kasha, quinoa, “raspberry” radish, pistachio

Regier Farms nectarines, “itachi” cucumbers, Drake’s feta, dried olives, oregano

“Badger flame” beets, “blenheim” apricots, burrata, chili honey, walnut

Farmers cheese gnocchi, Tutti Frutti favas, peas, wild ramp

Prime Brandt sirloin cap, Harry’s Berries “romano” beans, escargot butter

Coconut rice pudding, murray farms blueberry compote, vanilla, violet

Masumoto “rose diamond” nectarine hand pie, whipped creme fraiche


That all looks delicious. We ate there years go and glad to see that it’s still thriving.

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