Russo's, Watertown Ma Home Delivery

So, along with the major chain grocery delivery services like PeaPod and Roche Bros. in the Watertown area, Russo’s through Cart Fresh has thrown their hat into the ring. Just thought I’d throw it out there for those interested, since people have mentioned how hard it is to get to Russo’s on public transportation. Their delivery area includes my zip code in Waltham, but since I have a car I’ll probably still shop at the store.

Wow. I have a car too so not sure I’d use the service but always good to know! Know anything about the delivery fee structure?

Sorry, I don’t have any info. Hopefully someone who uses it will chime in!

Also in Waltham - just thought I should say hi neighbor!

And, hi to you, neighbor, and welcome to the hood!

Interesting. Produce selection is one of the main reasons I don’t use services such as PeaPod. Since produce is the majority of what I buy at Russos it’s tough to imagine not picking any of it. I’d be interesting to hear how well Cart Fresh and Russos do with selection of what delivery customers receive.

Hi there! We offer two pricing tiers for Russo’s deliveries. Deliveries to customers in the nearest ZIP codes cost $6.99. Deliveries to customers in more distant ZIP codes cost $12.99.

Half of my Russo’s purchases seem to be spur of the moment. I think they would lose money if I used a service! Just got home from there, only went in for some fruit and biscotti but I walked through the bakery and they had HOT rustic Italian bread sitting in a basket. How do you walk by hot bread? I can’t do it!

My son, who lives in Harvard Sq., tried Russo’s home delivery the other day and was quite pleased. He ordered in the morning for delivery sometime between 2-6 p.m. Cart Fresh uses largish plastic lidded containers and reusable cold-packs so perishables stay fresh. They left the containers in the lobby of his building, which isn’t locked but is a bit out of the way from street view and has security cameras. The delivery arrived around 4 and when he arrived home from work and unpacked everything a couple of hours later it was still quite cold. He put the empty containers and cold packs out the next day before he went to work and they picked them up.

Delivery costs $6.99 from Russo’s to Harvard and there is no tipping involved since delivery happens without any driver-customer interaction. Most, if not all, of their inventory is available. He ordered Italian sausages (DePascuale’s), cheeses and produce and it was all the usual Russo’s top quality that we’ve come to expect. He’s quite happy with this service and will us it on a regular basis.

I should note that this would probably not work for anyone without an out-of-the-way place for the delivery to be dropped off if you weren’t planning on being home.

Please ignore my last sentence! In checking in with my son, he said that for deliveries that do not have a secure drop-off location, they will lock the containers to something and give you the combination.

Aside from the $6.99, did he specifically cross check that item prices were the same? This is tempting, but I am having trouble letting go and trusting someone else to pick my produce.