Rungis Market (Wholesale, Paris, France) Worlds largest wholesale market

Food Republic did a little piece on the largest wholesale market in the world (apparently). It was a quick interesting read and something I’d definitely wake up early to tour.

Anyone been?

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Terrific post. Thank you.

I saw a TV program on Rungis, interesting. Maybe 1 day if I want to stay awake the whole night. A tour program mention the need to meet up at 2 am. So maybe 1 day!

Once my client invited me in a restaurant in Rungis, quality of food was alright, cooking was very simple and traditional. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t particularly memorable. And since I live far away from Rungis, I prefer to go to Paris to eat.

I checked online for some tours to know more, the price per person is from 85€ to 150€. Really expensive. Especially with people talking about a rather simple breakfast with some charcuterie, wine and croissants etc. The groups sizes ranges from 25-35 people…

We have visited the Tsukiji to see the tuna auction. Really interesting and it was free. We had breakfast at a sushi joint that needs at least 1.5 hour waiting, the meal was fantastic. I bought some knives…The down side: no explanation. But travel guide books helped.

I wonder there is the possible to visit Rungis on your own?

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr