Forgive me if I posted here before on this, I can’t remember. My sis-in-law brought me a bottle of Havana Club white rum that I guess they smuggled back here to the US. I thought I hated rum, but tasted it, tasted that sugar background and smoothness, and fell in love. I was blown away. Well, you can’t get the Cuban Havana Club in the US. I found out that Bacardi makes a Havana Club rum in Puerto Rico that has been a contentious point with the Cuban HC makers. I tried that, and it’s pretty good, but not as good as the Cuban. I’ve since discovered Flor de Cana rum after reading a book by Thomas Harris, and it’s become my go-to rum. I think it turns out that I don’t care for the Mexican Bacardi rum, which was all I had tasted before. Are there any white rums that y’all can taste the sugar cane in? If so, if you can compare it to the Cuban Havana Club, I’d like to hear it.

Well I really like the Havana Club white rum too. Yeah, not as easy to obtain in the USA. Check out Koloa white rum. It’s from Kauai. Maybe part of its appeal for me is it reminds me of a great vacation including tubing through one of the old sugar can plantations but I find it useful and tasty. I can get down with a rum punch or tropical drink made with Koloa.

For me, the middle lighter color Havana Club makes the ultimate Cuba Libres and it’s the one I try to get my hands on.



I got Havana Club at Canadian duty free, if you know anyone who comes and goes.

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Hmmmm- thanks for that!