Ruka (Boston - downtown crossing) tonight - what to eat?

Hi All. I’m going to Ruka tonight with a friend. She’s vegan (I’m not) so I’ll likely just share a bunch of stuff with her (not sure what they’ll be able to do for her but she will figure it out. LOL) since the prices look a little out of my range. However, I do want to order one non-vegan thing for myself. What have you had there that you’ve loved? I’m also planning to read McSlim’s improper bostonian review today too for some hints. :slight_smile: Thank you!

@kimpaige, how was it? What did you eat?

Hi Gretchen! I liked the food but it wasn’t anything amazing. I definitely had a nice meal though and the inside of the restaurant is quite nice. One time was fun but I wouldn’t go back because it was $$. We got the sichuan king trumpet mushrooms from the skewer section. These were really yummy, meaty mushrooms. We got a broccoli dish from the hot wok menu, which I don’t see on their website right now. This was great though - nice, charred broccoli with peanuts and a spicy sauce. From the raw menu we got the scallop ceviche (my vegan friend eats scallops and oysters b/c they don’t have eyes. sigh. LOL), which was really good and their cucumber salad, which was quite large and refreshing but nothing special at all. Finally, I had a lovely plate of seared tuna from their tiraditos menu. I don’t see it online but it was 4 nice pieces on top of pureed sweet potato. It was very good. I hope this helps!