Rudy's BBQ 290

We wanted some meat so went Saturday at 6. At first I was concerned about the late hour but I saw that they were open until 10:30 so freshness wasn’t a problem with a steady stream of families. The moist brisket had a good texture but was lacking in flavour. Turkey wasn’t bad but no better than HEB. The prime rib was very dry as I let them serve me an end piece, partly my mistake. The small amount of sauce we used for dabbing wasn’t good at all.

The real shame is the best thing was creamed corn. It’s a bad sign when the best thing at a BBQ place is a side order, heck I usually don’t order sides but I read some good things about it.

We won’t be back.

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After reading my review the Wifacita says she likes MY HEB’s turkey better. I cannot disagree.

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Still no HEBBBQ :disappointed: at my Tee-nintsy Little South Braeswood HEB. Nor have I seen it at Buffalo Market (Buffalo Spdwy @ Bissonnet) or the Montrose store.

Have you ever tried the bbq at Whole Foods? The Big Bellaire store (Weslayan @ Bellaire) has had a BBQ or Smokehouse Bar I think they call it, for quite some time. I’ve tried some pulled pork (a little on the dry side, which I expected for the hour); haven’t had the courage nor the money to throw away on brisket, ribs, or chicken, based on the looks. Chicken might be the safest choice so maybe someday I’ll try it. Mostly have tried some of the sides.

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My understanding is that there are only 2 or 3 in the state, and this is the only one in Houston.

I’ve been to the Rudy’s in Katy, it was okay as I recall, but not great.

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