Rudi Lechner Houston Thanksgivng buffet

brucesw I read your post on the national board and assume this was the place. The Wifeacita and I went a few years ago and let’s just say the noodles were our favorite. It sounds good on paper but the food was bland and we never went back.

Thank you, jc. I had pretty well talked myself out of it – I just don’t need to be tempted by all that food. In my doddering age I do not like to get stuffed so Thanksgiving is not as much of an anticipated/welcomed holiday as it used to be. I’ll be trying TJ’s Turkey & Dressing En Croute and will have many leftovers, though probably not suitable for sandwiches.

I want to hear how that TJ’s Turkey and Dressing was.

I’m working Thursday afternoon so it’s just breakfast. I grabbed a turkey leg at MY HEB today and it was delicious.

The scene at 2 pm Tuesday was a complete zoo. I have handicap parking so I was able to squeeze into the last available space, other than that people were parking close to the feeder. I grabbed the few items I needed and got out of there.

How was yesterday at work? I woke up at 3 and watched people shop on TV for a while. Crazy some stores stayed open all night.

Himalaya was serving Masala Turkey yesterday. :heart_eyes:

RATS :rage:.

Organized chaos, same for today. Those of us who are non-sales wear black shirts without the company logo so were virtually invisible, think F 22 Raptor stealth fighter.

We had Pappas BBQ today and the brisket was pretty especially considering the price, free for us. The chicken wasn’t well received, some was dry like mine but others had undercooked.

Raisin’ Cane’s tomorrow.

Wednesday I drove by parking lot rage people at HEB around 5 after work and they were honking at each other, one person at least 20 times. Do not go there on that day.

I went today, Friday, looking for oyster closeout deals but alas there were none. The previous seafood market manager knew me as a regular and would take care of me as they were close to expiring.

My buddy John the manager says the Friday after Thanksgiving is their slowest day and indeed in the wide area where you enter checkouts a cannon could be shot off and nobody would be hit. Plenty of parking in the lot.

That’s pretty good. I’m too tired to proofread accurately.