Ruddell's Smokehouse, Cayucos, CA - RIP

I just found out that the wonderful Ruddell’s Smokehouse in Cayucos, CA closed permanently at the end of December. I am so sad. Their smoked shrimp tacos with apple coleslaw were on my top 10 list of favorite things to eat. Thought I’d alert the HO troops.


Poop. Partner and I were up in the area a few wks ago and were hoping to get some food there. We were only there during their “off” days. Very sad that we won’t get to be able to have it one last time. :frowning:

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I feel the same way. We were actually planning a trip for this past weekend - made hotel reservations and everything. Something made me check to make sure they were open…


I am desolated. I was up there, in SLO at least, in December prior to their closing, in the huge rains that hit there then. I didn’t prioritize a return to Ruddells, a part of the good Cali life for us for so many years now. And now…gone…


It really is sad. I’ve been hoping that someone else would take it over, but I haven’t heard anything.

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Was this btw Christmas and New Year’s (we were in Morro Bay when the huge rains hit)? I think they were already closed.

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