Rubberband, hiding in plain site as a kitchen tool

I have read hundreds of threads about kitchen tools, multitaskers and hacks on HO. I’m not sure if the common rubberband has gotten attention. I use rubberbands to add grip to a pair of SS tongs but anytime I use a small plastic sandwich bags to cove a jar, can, or container with top holes but no lid, the rubberband sure seals the deal!

What say you on this under appreciated kitchen tool?


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I save all my thick rubber bands from things like broccoli. I have a drawer with tons of them.

(okay right now I’m thinking maybe they are all from broccoli but I think a few other produce things have bands around them but can’t think of any . . . .oh wait, asparagus too - and often two bands around those bunches).

I also use them to close bags of things, like brown sugar. But instead of twisting them around the open end, I roll the bag down and put the band around the bag the long way (same thing with powdered sugar). so much easier to get off. (hope that makes sense, can’t take a pic right now . . . . )


Absolutely makes sense. I stash those bands to repurpose as well. On travel, I keep rubberbands on my wrist to use quickly in a rental kitchen.

Palm to forehead! That tip belongs on one of those your doing all wrong articles, at least for me. Duh!

Like @Thimes, I use them to close up brown sugar before slipping into a ziploc bag to ensure it won’t go rock-hard.

I also use them on chip bags (tortilla, potato, pita chips) if my chip clips are being used on something else.

If something has Saran Wrap on it and it’s a weird shape, I’ll use a Rubber band around the outside of the container to ensure it stays.


Two rubberbands slipped over each width end of a wooden cutting board stops the board from moving around.


A very thick and large rubber might help to unscrew impossible to open lids.


For recipe books that do not open flat, I use long elastic bands to keep the pages in place while cooking.

image .


Hidden in plain sight, indeed!

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That’s what I USED to do, @pilgrim…until I came home one day to find rubber bands strewn all over the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The two new “boyz” had decided to decorate.

So they’re now hung on the upper level kitchen cabinets. LOL

I mailed a kitchen tool brand and told them the design of their tongs was no good. I use rubber bands for grip.

Some other things I use rubber bands for:

  • On long holidays my trousers tend to be a bit tight near the end. Make a loop through the buttonhole and pull it over the button. Quick and easy way to still keep wearing one’s trousers for a while. :sweat_smile:

  • Tighten it directly under the soap pump to use less soap. Some pumps are deep and too much soap comes out.

  • Keep a bunch of rubber bands together using a bread tag.


For sure. Broccoli and asparagus bands are the best!

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I use asparagus rubber bands on my edge guards. Keeps the knife in place well. I usually use one on each side.

Some great ideas here. Now just need to make sure my 2 cats don’t get to them first. They see it as a great toy, hiding in plain sight…


Rubber bands are indeed useful! For any of you with vacuum sealers, the “seal” function works to close up any bags like chips, brown sugar, etc. It doesn’t remove the air but does provide an airtight seal.


My friends cats used to love the plastic circle from milk jugs (not the cap).

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Same as mine, he steals the rubber seal of mason jars with hinge lids.

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Such a humble, simple and free thing, is a versatile multitasker! I save mine and use them for many of the same thing as the posters up thread. Didn’t know about the cutting board, knife and page holder uses. I had completely forgotten about using them on pants to give them a little more room. Very clever ideas here.

Got a new one! I use the thick ones on my kitchenaid mixer when I’m kneading a bread dough. Attach one end to the knob that “locks” the top/motor down, and the other end to the little knob at the front of the mixer, where you might put an attachment. Because I knead for 10 minutes or so, even if I lock the top, without that rubber band it will unlock quickly due to the thickness of the dough and “boing boing” all over my kitchen counter. The rubber band goes a long way to solving this issue.


“Rubber bands are indeed useful! For any of you with vacuum sealers, the “seal” function works to close up any bags like chips, brown sugar, etc. It doesn’t remove the air but does provide an airtight seal.”

I didn’t know that, thanks!!