RSS feeds of all posts for regional boards

I’d like an RSS for all posts in a regional board (e.g., Boston).

Now I see three RSS feeds: latest posts, latest topics and topics on a regional board. I had hoped the last one would show all posts, but it just seems to get one for each new topic. CH used to offer this (and still does).

They are available. What you can do is this: Take the URL of the board you are interested in, e.g. Boston

To get the RSS feed, just change the URL by appending .rss at the end of the URL, i.e.


That doesn’t seem to be getting all the latest posts. Running it now, the last post is from 20 hr ago while the web page says there have been posts since then.

Hmm, let me look into how often these feeds are updated.

I got feeds including the new threads from the last 30 minutes. So I am not sure why the delay happened. If you see it again, can you please let me know? More than a few hours delay I think the feed just gets stale. Thanks.

So it’s Saturday 2:43 pm EDT and I don’t see Parsipanies post from yesterday at 3pm:

its odd. i saw it when i subscribed to the thread

is that what you did? i use firefox to read rss.

I use Reeder via Feedly to read rss.
I’m subscribed to
I’m trying to subscribe to every post to a board, not to just the first post of new threads.

It’s now 10/13 11am and the last post I see in RSS is from 10/9 10:14am.

I did get a new one at 1:18pm today. I think it’s only sending the first post of a topic (as the text implies).

can you send me the rss feed url you are using?

just this or something else:


As I said above, it is that one.

If I tell Reeder to subscribe to the URL it searches and finds these choices (is there a way to upload an image?)

  1. Latest Posts
  2. Latest Topics
  3. RSS feed of topics in the ‘Boston, New England’ ca

As I said, it seems to be doing what it’s name is, a “feed of topics”

No update?

I filed a bug report with the developers so let’s see if we hear from them

So 23 days later, I guess we’re not hearing from them.

Not yet. Since we aren’t paid customers this may not be a high priority for them to investigate.

I don’t know if this is a bug per se. Its just updated not that quickly. If one forces them to update, it’ll get the latest threads. Not sure in Feedly where you can do that. I can do that with some other apps that handle RSS.

It’s not a “just updated not that quickly” problem. It’s that’s it’s not updated at all. If a new topic is started in Boston board, say “Restaurants for Xmas dinner”, the RSS feed will only see one post, the original one asking for suggestions. Even if 10 people reply with good ideas, those 10 replies are never sent via RSS. Indeed someone using just an RSS reader, never even knows if someone replied unless they visit the web page. It makes the RSS feed IMHO useless.

Now that maybe what site owners want, but given that for the whole site there are two RSS feeds, “latest topics” (which behaves like the one feed for the Boston board) and “latest posts” (which behaves like what I’m asking for) it seems like such a feature would be good. I want “latest posts” for just Boston, not for everywhere in the country (which seems like it would be a huge volume).

My guess is it’s not a bug, but a configuration issue. Again the “latest posts” feed for the whole site works, it’s just too much volume, a “latest posts for a category” feed would be really useful.


The forum uses a open-source software (i.e. free). The feature available to us are the same as the feature available to all other users of this software. We can make feature requests like what you described, but given we are not paying customers, and the specific nature of the request, it is unlikely that such a feature will be looked at any time soon.

I understand your preference for RSS. But given your use case and the current available feature set of the software, I’d highly recommend you visit the Boston board if you want the latest discussions there.

Hi, has there been any update on this? I also find that when I subscribe using RSS, I only get notified of the very first post. Any replies to that post is not updated in the RSS feed like Chowhound used to do. Thanks.

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I did a quick glance of the forum software support forum. Doesn’t seem like there is any solutions here: