Royal Nepal in Del Ray - A Truly Great Meal

I’ve been to Royal Nepal many times now, but tonight was the best of the best, a truly great meal with few equals.

We ordered my three favorite dishes:
yak chili
buffalo momo
crispy okra

We were warned that they make the chili a lot spicier than they used to. Before, you could
eat this by itself. The waiter was right to warn us, it was very hot, still with the same great flavor, but you must order naan with this. Fortunately, the garlic naan comes out so crispy, it’s the perfect vehicle for the chili.

The momo were better than ever, very juicy, and the meat was gamey - I see they listed somewhere on the menu water buffalo, and this had a gorgeous strong flavor.

In addition to my three favorites, we ordered the tareko bazaar ko machha. a whole crispy fish with a kicky onion sauce, served with sides of dal makhni, a mix of mushrooms and zucchini, a yogurt sauce, and rice. There were a lot of warm spices in the onion sauce. This was a staggering platter of food.

As usual, they start you off with their sel roti (fried bread rings) and some mustardy pickles.

An outstanding meal by any standards.


Thanks for the heads up, Steve. I was just talking to spouse about how hard it is to find whole fried fish at Mexican restaurants in our area. So my mouth is primed to eat that Nepalese fish dish. Haven’t been to Royal Nepal for a while so time to re-visit.