Royal Curry (Old Bridge, NJ)

We finally tried this. It’s only a couple of miles from our house, but somehow we never seemed to remember it when we thought “Indian”–which is a pity, because the only other choices nearby are Amravathi (meh) or Rajpoot (okay, but it seems like the smallish lunch buffet is the same every day).

Royal Curry does lunch a little differently. You order the main course off the dinner menu and pay the dinner price, but in addition to the main course you get an appetizer (pakora), naan, and rice. (The on-line menu says something about a lunch special for $8.99–I have no idea if they still have that, but we saw no evidence of it.)

Mark got Chicken Vindaloo, which he thought was pretty good. I was less impressed with the Chicken Bhuna, but then again, I got it mostly to try something new, so maybe I just don’t like Chicken Bhuna. I would certainly go back, and next time I’ll probably stick to one of my standards (Bhindi Masala or Chicken Korma).

However, they don’t have thalis.

Being as close as it is definitely adds to the appeal, not to mention the fact that the lunch special is not a buffet and the parking is more convenient than in Edison.

(It’s actually Royal Curry [Exotic] Indian Cuisine, not Royal Curry House or Palace or anything like that.)

Isn’t this in Matawan? Maybe it’s near the border. I’ve been there a handful of times and enjoyed their food. They have a tasty appetizer called chicken 69 or something that’s worth getting too.

Physically in Old Bridge, but served by the Matawan post office. (Just like us and, boy, can that be confusing!)

It’s in The Marketplace II, on Route 34, just north of Disbrow Road, and across from Ganga.

Chicken 69… :wink:

I was wondering when someone was gonna comment on that. Thanks partner!

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The dish is chicken 65. Invented in Chennai. There’s a number of differing theories as to the name. Either it was invented in 1965 or it was no 65 on the menu in the hotel it was invented in. Less plausibly is the theory that it had 65 different spices.

I had some a few weeks back in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu it was quite good as it goes, better than the version I had in Goa that was too wet and not at all crispy.

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This is what I love about these boards…never heard of this dish, and your post sent me Googling. It’s now on my list to try!

Also, @joonjoon and @NotJrvedivici are just dirty birdies. :joy:

ETA: Here’s an article and recipe I found:


I don’t thinks it’s appropriate if I share what I found when I googled; Chicken 69! Dam you Joon!!


I don’t know what dirty search engine you’re using but I just tried that search and all I got were…chicken 65 pictures. I am so disappointed right now.

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