Row 34 Burlington

Dinner discussion for the evening kept coming back to seafood.
We ended up at Row 34 in Burlington after considering Jumpin Jays in Portsmouth or The Bancroft in Burlington.
DH ordered 6 oysters, which he happily slurped down in between sips of his Rose Cava. I opted for the lobster rangoons and an Allagash White. The rangoons were really good, a nice creamy lobster filling and a ponzu dipping sauce. Mains were the warm lobster roll for me and a bowl of clam chowder for him.
The roll comes with their homemade chips, which we both enjoyed. Thick cut with a good fry and lots of salt. He really enjoyed them with his chowder. My sandwich was just what the doctor ordered, very fresh lobster, packed into the roll. Mostly tail meet, some claw. There was a small ramekin of slaw too, a little sweet for me but definitely homemade. No dessert, we were full. Service was fine.
We’d go back, especially for the oysters.


Looks sumptuous! Big fan here of oysters sourced from Island Creek, which is Row 34’s provider.

As has been noted in another post, their beer list is especially nice too.


Huge fans of Row 34 in general, and the Burlington outpost in particular because it seems to be easier to book.

In addition to the strong oyster game, crudo and fish pâté are standouts. The boards are generous with excellent accoutrements.

We rarely fail to order the biscuit - listed as a side - for desert.