Row 34 Boston - Why?!?!?


Went for brunch. Will never ever go back again. First, do they beat the employees before service? We’ve never seen such a large group of demoralized restaurant employees in Boston. Second, 10 items for the brunch menu, show up at 11:00 and they are out of two of the items. How can you be out of 20% of your menu before the brunch rush?!!? 3, Quality, pretty mediocre, Old Bay onion rings overly salty and greasy. Fried Oysters, old oysters with bad texture. Tomato Arugula scramble, gray eggs with bright orange cheese product. Just a horrid dining experience. Another reason why we don’t eat in Boston.


We have only been to the Portsmouth location and have always had a good
experience, lunch or brunch. Its unfortunate if the Boston location
is not up to par.
Where do you eat, if not in Boston?


That’s unfortunate. Although we haven’t been for brunch, we’ve always enjoyed R34, and relied on helpful waitstaff to navigate the specials.


SInce based on the south shore we’ll do Sun Tavern in Duxbury, Osteria La Civita and Anejo in Falmouth, Bridgewaye in Marshfield, Galley in Scituate. Not a lot of places down here.


A bit of a jaunt perhaps, but check out Steve Johnson’s Red Dory in Tiverton. And Providence is hopping ;-).


You might have to change your name to NotBostonEater.

Sorry to hear about your experience. There’s nothing worse than dropping $$ for a meal like that. I’ve never had brunch at Row34, but I have at ICOB. I remember it as being fine, but unremarkable. I prefer the oysters and raw dishes at those places.

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Sorry to hear about that off-putting experience you had. We have really enjoyed Row 34 in Boston and in Portsmouth—a main drawback of the Boston location for us is that that room can be loud. So many restaurant spaces are loud these days.


I don’t find the space of Row 34 Boston very comfortable. It looks spectacular when you first enter, but it’s just not practical. The uncomfortable metal chairs would be more suited to an outdoor oyster bar, rather than a place I’m dropping $200 for dinner. Also, the dining area is set very low relatively to the bar seating. The room just flows very awkwardly and doesn’t have good atmosphere.


So true!!


:smile: encountered a similarly demoralized experience this week. Standing around waiting in restaurant that had plenty of tables. Waitstaff kept bumping into us. FOH even had trouble directing me to the restroom. After 20mins decided to hightail outta there and went to Neptune Oyster instead. So glad I did.