Route 35 North of Red Bank

I realize that this is an oddly specific request, but …

We are looking for interesting places to eat lunch along Route 35 between Hazlet and Red Bank. (We have a monthly 2PM meeting in Red Bank.) I had hoped China Palace would be an option, but they’re take-out only, and we want dine-in.

Would Sono be good for lunch? We didn’t like Wahoo when we went. What about either Neelam or that Indian place in the ex-Shoprite plaza? We need something that won’t take a really long time, and preferably has a lunch menu.

(One problem is that it is impossible to see what’s in the various shopping centers as one is driving by.)

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Neelam has been consistently good for many years. I haven’t been since Aarzu opened but I’m sure others here have.

I really like Fuku but that’s all the way in Hazlet on 35 N

There’s the dumpling place in the strip mall in Hazlet (on the SB side where the DMV is) that @gracieggg mentioned at some point… maybe she can come up with the name? I’ve been wanting to try that myself but am rarely up there.


Bao Dumplings & Bao Tea

Airport Plaza


Haldi Chowk is our go to Indian place when we don’t want to drive to Edison but it isn’t open for lunch. I know it was in a Shoprite Plaza - did Shoprite move?

The food is average but we’ve gone to No Limits Cafe a couple of times. It is a restaurant that is a charitable organization that employs and trains people with intellectual disabilities.


Good call on No Limits! That also reminds me that Soul Kitchen is in Red Bank, but they’re not open for lunch.


Neelam is still closed for indoor dining due to staffing issues. People love Haldi Chowk but I still prefer Neelam.

Sono was excellent for both sushi and kitchen meals.

Nicholas Barrel & Roost (though I suspect you’ll think it’s too pricey).

Edited to add: It just occurred to me that we’ve been to Muang Thai, in Red Bank (on Front St.) a couple of times and thought the food was good. Our new favorite for Thai is Kunya Siam, but it’s in Atlantic Highlands.

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I think Sono also isn’t open for dining either.

The dumpling place isnt on 35 but 36. Might be a little detour but we really like it.

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Thanks for the correction!

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Since you said you need to be in Red Bank, have you considered going to The Greek Spot? At lunch time you can just order at the counter and then eat at either the high counter in the front room or sit at one of the tables. The portions at lunch are quite generous so you may even end up with leftovers for lunch the next day.


Good suggestion. We’ve done that, i.e., ordered lunch at the counter and sat at a table in the front dining room. They then brought the food to us.

In Red Bank itself you already have the Greek Spot rec, Zaitooni if you want Lebanese…but I’m not sure of their hours as they were shortened over the last couple years and street construction hurt them. On 35 itself, not much by way of interesting but the new/old Il Colosseo is open for lunch and has a lunch menu. I have not been, but it is getting good reviews.

If you want pizza and a salad ala Patsy’s/Grimaldis, try Zoni

Thanks to all. Lots of places are apparently still closed for dining in, but we’ll put No Limits and Muang Thai (need to check whether they are open) on our list. (Our meeting is in Riverview, so Muang Thai is particularly convenient, and I’ve heard a lot of recommendations for it.) I will scout The Greek Spot’s parking situation next time we’re in Red Bank–on top of everything else, we need something with relatively close parking. (E.g., we could walk from Riverview or the lot across from it to Muang Thai, but that’s about our range.) And now that I look at a map, Zaitooni is right there as well, and that’s a cuisine that we don’t get very much (although … Sahara 34).

Bao Dumplings is close enough to us that we’ll just do that some day (and I see they added a sampler platter–good idea!).

Obviously, I will call whichever we are planning a few days before to see what, if anything, has changed. This “we’re closed, we’re open, we’re closed” period is driving everyone nuts!


We tried Muang Thai today. (We had p!anned to go to Zatooni’s, but the walk from Riverview was too much for us.) Muang Thai was okay, but not up to Thai Thai. We may try Zatooni’s next time if we’re up to it.