Route 27 Indian Restaurants? (NJ!)

It’s been a while since we’ve been down Route 27, and the restaurants seem to have changed (no surprise there!). We’ll be down that way Saturday–what are the current recommended restaurants in the Route 27/Beekman Road area?

I have not personally tried it, but I have been highly recommended (by a few Indians) that Chutney Mary is good. It is technically not on Route 27, but it is close. 4 min drive according to Google Map.

What town(s) / area’s are you asking?

Kendall Park? At any rate, the section of Route 27 between New Brunswick and Princeton.

Just had a good meal at Spice Rack on 27 in Kendall Park. Indian and Indo-Chinese menu.

And we had great lamb at Kebabery (formerly Afghan Kebab Grill & Ice Cream) two strip malls down (behind the CVS). Mark had the Lamb Gyros Platter (8.99), I had the Lamb Tikka Kebab (12.99). His came with lavash and rice; mine with a salad (a little lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of cucumber, and three small red onion circles–no dressing). They brought hot sauce and yogurt sauce to the table. Both portions were good sized and the kebab was very tender. On the downsize, the tomato and the cucumber were showing their age.

It’s definitely not a formal place–lots of take-out, soda in cans/bottles in one of those glass-doored refrigerators, etc.

We don’t get down this way very often, but we’d certainly consider going back if we did.