"Roundup" cancer causing ingredient found in breakfast foods.

Just came across this. Interesting read about cancer causing ingredients in Roundup (and other herbicides) found in the food supply - including eggs so being passed along multiple channels not just plants the chemical is used on - and concerns of whether or not the FDA is adequately tracking the chemicals.


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it’s the Huffington Post. it’s just another regurgitation of the usual and customary scare tactics cited by rebels looking for a cause.

go forth and find a wheat farmer that kills his wheat crop with RoundUp so it can be harvested sooner/better/whatever. clue: they don’t exist.

see Snopes.

I’m not a big fan of RoundUp - but I am much less bigger fan of unfounded / unsupported / fictitious / gosh-we-just-had-make-something-up so it sounds good.

I’m not a fan of unfounded/unsupported/fictitious stuff either. Did you read this article? I didn’t think it came across that way.

"testing procured from an independent laboratory found detectable levels of the herbicide glyphosate in oatmeal and bagels as well as coffee creamer and seven more products, for a total of 10 out of 24 breakfast food items showing levels of glyphosate - a chemical the World Health Organization’s cancer experts have linked to cancer.

Notably, some of the highest levels of the chemical were detected in organic food products, including eggs marketed as “organic, cage-free, antibiotic-free” eggs; and in organic bagels and bread. Indeed, the organic cage-free eggs contained more glyphosate than regulators allow, the group said."

Are you arguing the research wasn’t independent? Glyphosate isn’t carcinogenic? These findings didn’t happen? They slam organic eggs as the highest source in the study - so you can’t argue they are pushing organic . . . .

I read the article and the supposed report. The report did not show that organics were notably some of the highest levels. While some organics had levels of glyphosate, they were not on the high end. Seemed rather suspect to me.

yes, I read the article. it’s the same old stuff, barfed out by a different “correspondent”

go read the charter of the Alliance of Natural Health USA.

“independent labratory” - they can be as independent as they wish. they’re being paid to produce the desired test results. look for peer reviewed results.

“…including being sprayed on crops like wheat to help accelerate the crop into harvest.”
go find a wheat farmer that does this. the article is not researched, just rebarfed.

eggs are bad for you…
vacinations cause autism . . . another ground breaking “independent” researcher
many similar “break throughs” in the last decades - all made up / manipulated to “prove” someone’s pet theory.
have you heard bacon will save your life, now?

RoundUp is linked to cancer - indeed. since everyone is now ingesting some quantity of RoundUp, it is without question the cause of their cancer. the only remaining question is how/why did people get cancer before the advent of RoundUp and the sniveling little issue of ‘what else’ is happening in their lives.

don’t get me wrong - this stuff needs to be checked out.
but the Chicken Little approach just does not work anymore - except for the rebels looking for a cause.

I think the list of things that don’t have a causal link to cancer would be smaller than the list that does.

In addition, at what consumption rate does the risk become higher than breathing the air or being in a confined space when one farts methane gas.

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