round gyoza skins in NW CT/northern Westchester

I want to make some dumplings but, so far, I’ve only been able to find the square Nasoya wonton skins in regular supermarkets. Does anyone know of any place in western CT where i might find these? I would also consider places in northern Westchester County, as i make a weekly trip to Purchase via I-684.

Many thanks!

Have you tried H Mart in Hartsdale?

Can you trim them to make circles?

Yes, I had the same problem, but discovered a fast and easy way to convert the square wontons to circles.

Invert a drinking glass, press the rim onto the skin and turn both clock and counter wise three times. Voila, you’ll have your round wontons. You can do up to three skins at a time … and it takes about 3-5 seconds tops.

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Not yet, as they are a bit out of my way - this is a good excuse to go there in the near future. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion. Figured I could cut square ones into circles if necessary, but dreaded how long it would take - so this is very helpful.

if I have to :-). thanks.

You could also try Diado in White plains. They are on Mamaroneck.


PS. Thought I was posting a reply under each comment, but apparently it did 't work - I’m relatively new to this site. Many thanks all!