Rose Market, Mountain View will reopen in 2017

Rose Market, Mountain View, will reopen in 2017 after the redevelopment. They have a new shop now in Cupertino in addition to the one in Saratoga. The Cupertino one, like the Mountain View one, still has the kabob counter.

Separately, no word yet on where Gochi, which closed also earlier because of the same redevelopment project, will resurface.

Tks for the info. How is the kabob ordering scene at Cupertino? Is it as crazy as it was at the Mountain View store? I saw & heard some pretty crazy scenes there over the years…

Hmmph- can you define crazy? Do you mean the ordering system and the wait outside? The reason I asked is it had always been pretty smooth for me so I might just be lucky.

sck, the crazy scenes at old Mt View store involved the ordering process in the store at the cash register. Over the years I saw much chaos there including people being yelled at & yelling back at the guy running the register. I never got caught up in that thankfully, but to be honest, I was not what you’d call a frequent patron either. As I said, I hope the new store might have a more streamlined order placing process…

As a footnote, a close friend once got a terrible case of food poisoning after eating lunch there & vowed to never return…

Hmmph, I never ran into any of that craziness at the old store. I actually found the cashiers quite friendly and laid back. Although I don’t usually go during peak hours.

Lucky you! My experience was that it didn’t make much of a difference what time of the day it was. My Rose Intl. Market karma must have been flawed…

Gochi Mt View is in construction for another couple of months according to their web site.

Gochi Mt. View is back 6/14. dinner only for the first week. lunch+dinner afterwards.

1943 W. El Camino Real, Mtn. View

Rose Market has finally reopened!! I didn’t know they had khoresh (stews) and tahdig (crispy-bottomed rice) as mentioned in the article, but look forward to trying them!