Rosa'a Kitchen Route 34, Wall

We pass Rosa’s Kitchen occasionally and even pulled into the parking lot once since their sign advertises empanadas but they weren’t open. When they popped upon my Instagram feed and since the food and menu looked good we decided to stop in for dinner. I thought they were a new restaurant but they have over 2000 Instagram posts. I scrolled through and it looks like they had a booth in the Collingswood Market before moving to their current location just a bit south on Route 34.

Their menu is primarily Puerto Rican and Southern and is posted on Instagram daily. I had the Puerto Rican Combo plate which included Pastel (like a tamale but the dough includes vegetables such as yucca, taro, plantains and banana), Pernil, Chicharron, Spanish Rice and Beans, and Sweet Plantains. We also had barbecue beef ribs, beef and chicken empanadas, mofungo with chicken (it had the best garlic sauce) and alcapurria which is similar to the pastel. Mr Bean and The Sprout started eating before I could get pictures.

I don’t know much about Puerto Rican food but we all enjoyed our meals and are looking forward to going back.


That sounds really delicious! What was your favorite out of everything? And did you end with any empanadas at all?

They are also posting their menu on Facebook.

Isn’t this the location that had that donut shop at one time?


No empanadas left - they were all tasty. I liked the pernil a lot. I did not care for the alcapurria but the others did.

Yes, it’s that location. It was also a Jamaican place for a short time after the donut place. It’s kind of a pain to get to if you’re coming from the south but worth it.


I took out some food early in the Pandemic. I don’t recall anything noteworthy, but this sure looks good.

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It was good. I’m not familiar with Puerto Rican food so I have no idea how Rosa’s compare to others. That being said we all enjoyed what we ate, the women running the place were really nice and “safe” and given the lack of variety close to home it will be a nice addition to our list of places to get food.


Michelle stopped here and brought home a couple of empanadas which were terrific. Both the crust and the filling were very good. Looking forward to trying more items.


I picked up a few empanadas from Rosa’s yesterday. I got two each of beef, chicken, and garlic shrimp. I enjoyed them all, especially the garlic shrimp. Well worth the trip!


Rosa’s is closing. Jan 22 will be the last day. I am going to miss this place as everything is great.

She said they are closing because she can’t find anyone to work,


A shame. Seems to be consistently busy when I drive by.


Sucks to hear. Losing another good spot that serves food not overdone around here

Are there any good Puerto Rican spots left locally?

i’ve been here once and it was a totally baffling experience. They had so many staff for a primarily takeout place, there weren’t that many people eating in or picking up, yet somehow it took like 15 minutes for me to get my bacalaito which is basically just a fried fritter. It was tasty but I never went back after that. I wonder if they were trying to do way too much, their menu was absolutely enormous and I could not fathom how such a small shop could have so much staff. Maybe they had a big catering business or something.

Just saw this on instagram. Neptune Pizza is on Rt 35, a bit north of Pete and Elda’s.