Roots Steakhouse Princeton, NJ

Took the father and son out for a nice steak dinner last night at Roots new(er) location. I’m a fan of their Morristown location and knew the drill. This location is beautiful old mahogany walls, a classic steakhouse with a wonderful long bar. Very comfortable surroundings and the food was excellent.
Rib -eye for 2 medium
Fried chicken
Side Mac cheese & creamed spinach
Cesar salad and a lobster bisque

All excellent! The service though for 5pm was painfully slow. About 2 hours for two courses is s long meal. Couple martinis to wash it all down with!!

Then got to drive home thru the tornadoes last night!!



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Brought the bone home for the wife, tonight she’s getting boned!!


Eww haha TMI :rofl:

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That looks awesome :heart_eyes:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold