Rooster Soup Company by Mike Solomonov

A profile of Mike Solomonov of Zahav’s new project here:

Note the claim of ‘life-changing’ refers to the fact that all profit goes to Broad Street Ministry. So this project is indeed commendable. Now let’s hope the taste of the soup is just as life changing as well!


We did the Cook&Solo dinner the second night of Rosh Hashanah (at Percy Street). Each restaurant in the group contributed a course - the matzoh ball soup with smoked brisket fat was from Rooster, and it was incredibly wonderful. If that’s a preview, I can’t wait.

It is supposed to go in the basement kabob house spot here

no new word on an opening date but I love the idea of them repurposing the waste from FedNuts into soup - also a worthy charitable cause. Things like this make the city a great place. Should be a good spot to get the workday crowd.

Amazing … ridiculously necessary life changing work :two_hearts: everyone wins

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I am a big fan of Zahav and I already had a crush on Michael solomonov-- this just makes me love him that much more! Thanks for posting.