[Rome, Trastevere] Michela Home Restaurant

Something a little different. For our last night in Rome we had a very fun night with some amazing people. Michela cooked in some restaurants and has appeared, and won, on an Italian cooking show, now along with her husband they do cooking classes and private dinners in their “apartment”. ( they don’t live there… but it is an apartment right in piazza S. Calisto)

In any event, it was a pretty fun night with very good food. Even for my jaded daughter who lived in Rome for a year and therefore only her opinion matters. I wonder where she learned those behaviors :wink:

Michela is from Napoli so she treated us to a great version of pasta Nerano, and veal saltimbocca was the main. We started with a light aperitivo and finished with a tiramisu. And a dance party

If you have a big group, or want something a little different it’s worth taking a look here.


I’ll be in Rome in mid to end September how do I contact her, it looks great

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Enjoy your trip!

All of my communication with her was via email and IG messages.




Thanks very much

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