Rome Special Occasion--Thanksgiving

Hi there,

I am searching a restaurant for Thanksgiving in Rome. No, not interested in eating turkey! Good food is the most important quality, but am looking for maybe a special setting along with the great food.

I am not interested in a long tasting menu, would actually prefer probably to order off an à la carte menu.

Mulling L’Archeologia, but haven’t been there in years, and was only once for a celebratory Sunday lunch followed by a walk along the Appian Way after (couldn’t manage that after dinner in the dark, I reckon). Thinking also about Il Giardino that @jangita (I think) recently recommended but wondered if the setting is special? Will definitely go there on this trip, one way or another.

Any other thoughts? Grazie mille!


For a special occasion, I like Enoteca La Torre in the riverside Villa Laetitia in Prati. There’s a choice of tasting menu and à la carte. It’s owned by Fendi fashion house and so looking good helps. About 100€ (without wine) à la carte. Good value for the quality of the cuisine and the setting.

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I’d seek out a restaurant featuring chestnut and mushroom dishes. I don’t know Rome well enough to go beyond the usual suspects. I want to visit Armando al Pantheon and Trattoria da Cesare al Casoletto on my next visit. I’m sure they would do delicious things with fall ingredients.

Thanks @ParnParis, this looks like the kind of restaurant I am looking for for Thanksgiving.

@Phoenikia, thanks to you as well. You have mentioned two of my favorite Rome restaurants where we will be sure to eat while in Rome, but I wanted something a little more “special occasion” (but not too fancy), and still with amazing food (as both your suggestions have) for T’giving.

Still mulling, and will let you know for sure where we end up!

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We only went to Trattoria Monti once (closed during our last visit, at New Years 2019) but it was really excellent and they do good things with mushrooms in season- I had sweetbreads with porcini when we went, and it was stellar.

Re L’Archeologia, we visited it on the same trip. Id suggest walking out and looking into getting an uber to come back - we went for lunch on both our visits and getting to transit after was a bit of a pain. Maybe if you ask the host they can arrange a car for you.

Jim and I will be in Rome come March so I am looking forward to hearing about your eating!

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Thanks @JenKalb! I was dissuaded by a friend living in Rome from L’Archeologia; gone downhill, she said friends had said, and so we’ll give it a miss. This friend drove us there when I went, so the walk after to sober up got us home safely without hassle. I use IT Taxi or Free Now (not sure which) to call cabs in Rome. I’ll double-check when I’m there and let you know.

I just booked Thanksgiving dinner today! I think we have finally settled on Al Ceppo. Word is the food is still good, and I’ve never been, so am looking forward. Have also never gone to Trattoria Monti, and it also remains high on my list, so hopefully will get there this trip! Your sweetbreads sound v. good indeed.

I’ve been spending almost as much time in Rome as I have in Paris these days, and I must say, I just love the city. I am traveling with a cousin who has never been there, so I feel extra pressure to give him something that feels like a real taste of the city’s idiosyncratic and emblematic culinary treats.


I’m looking forward to your report!