Rolls/Bread and butter [Greater Boston area, MA]

We’re slowly getting back to dining in again and my wife observed that none of the places we’ve eaten at recently have served warm rolls or bread with nice butter after sitting down. Any ideas on places that still do this? We frequent places of all stripes in the mid-price range and good food and good cocktails are a must also. Our normal range is Boston (from Roslindale up), Brookline, Newton, Cambridge and Waltham but we go farther for the right place.

It’s a wide open query, I know, but looking for places that you know, from experience, still serve nice bread and butter in this post-pandemic (?) era.

Branch Line (Watertown Arsenal) serves Iggy’s Francese (not warm but fresh) with chicken drippings from the rotisserie.

Had warm rolls somewhere recently but wracking my brain to recall where.

Do you mean that they serve them without being asked, complimentary? It’s been long enough that I don’t remember if that’s the case here or not, bit Puritan & Co in Somerville has fantastic parker house rolls.

Wasn’t rolls but excellent popovers, at Boston Chops.

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Very nice birthday celebration last night at Joseph’s in Bradford (Haverhill) and we were served 2 baskets of very fresh rustic Italian bread with both a bean spread and bowls of seasoned olive oil.
Much appreciated by the 5 of us.

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Got back to The Stockyard in Brighton for the first time in a long time before heading to a show at the nearby Roadrunner (LCD Soundsystem: whoa!) They serve lovely warm rolls before dinner, though the butter is unexceptional. I will add that it is still one of the rare places around town for a quality slab of prime rib.


Been decades since I’ve been, but sounds like time to revisit. Now that Hilltop is a distant memory, I’ll no longer assume we’ll always have these old-school places. But really, how hard would it be for them to serve a nice cultured butter?

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Thanks for all the replies. We’ve been to Puritan and Branch Line but not in a while, so worth a revisit. Boston Chops wasn’t at all on my radar so will consider it, though Mooo usually (well, once) is my steakhouse choice. Will keep Joseph’s in mind if we’re up in that direction.

As for The Stockyard, I don’t think we’ve been since WGBH was under construction there. MC Slim JB - saw your photos on Facebook, so that’s a possibility too.

Thanks, everyone.

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