Roll cakes

Hi! I’m looking for simple recipes of roll cake. Found one strawberry roll cake on the KICA Academy.

Please, share more recipes here :pray:

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We like the pumpkin roll that’s on the back of the Libby’s canned pumpkin label (and, I’d presume, online as well). I bump up the spices by about 50% in the roll and add a dash of bourbon to the cream cheese filling. It’s a fall favorite here!


Posting a link, since canned pumpkin in Canada is ED Smith or brands other than Libby’s.

2 of my cousins had a side business selling pumpkin roll, banana roll, lady locks and cookies in the 1980s!


Luv doin’ a Bûche de Noël for Xmas. King Arthur’s recipe is pretty darned good, although I prefer a shot or so of Kahlúa instead of the espresso powder… and a cheesecake like filling (but with a kiss of fresh lemon juice/zest) instead of the mascarpone one.

And sometimes I’ll pipe stripes of raspberry puree over the cheesecake filling before rolling the cake.

And while your cake is setting in the fridge, whip up some meringue mushrooms to add to the visuals. Yum… and a real eye-pleaser!

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