Rod Dee [Porter Square, Cambridge, MA]

The discussion of Khao Hom has started to be infiltrated by a discussion of Rod Dee, so I thought I’d start a separate thread here, with links to the relevant posts there. Future discussion of Rod Dee should probably continue here.


I think I had a pork leg over rice dish a long time ago at another Rod Dee (Comm Ave?) and remember it being decent. I really want to see that Thai menu translated.

stopped in again tonight and got the duck khao soi. I’d agree that it isn’t hugely complex in flavor, but thought it had at least a bit of heat and wasn’t at all shy with the duck so I’d rate it as a solid $11 neighborhood restaurant dish. It def. does run a little bit sweet–one thing I wish is that they’d pile on more of the sliced red onions on the top for a little contrast. Still and all, not bad and the people there are super friendly, I’ll likely stop in again. I mean, I wish Uncle Boon’s was down the street from me instead, but ya take what ya can get!

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