Rockville, MD Asian Restaurant Crawl, Part 2

I have started organizing food adventures in the DC to Baltimore area. Food crawls are where we are starting out but the plan is to grow this into a variety of food events.

Our first food crawl was dumpling focused trip to 4 restaurants. The final cost, including gelato, was $55.00 and everyone left very full but the food was not overwhelming in quantity.

As a follow-up to our Rockville dumpling crawl, we are going to revisit Rockville this time to explore some of the regular menus. At each spot, we will enjoy an entree or two, maybe a noodle and, of course, small plates. The exact number of spots we visit will depend on the crowd size. Based on how things worked on the dumpling crawl, I think the “pot” ante will be $60 each.

The Date is SATURDAY December 3.

Time is 1.30

Meet up spot TBD in Rockville or adjacent.

If you wanted to be added to the event, let me know.

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