Rockland County, NY - Your Tried & True,

This is my 1st food related post. Where in Rockland County do you really enjoy eating and consider yourself a regular. Our family favorites are:
O’lar in Piermont
Bailey’s in Blauvelt
The Greek Village in Northvale NJ (on MY border)
Fortune Garden in Nanuet

I always enjoy Restaurant X. And I loved it back in the day when it was just Bully Boy!

Hi Michele, with the exception of Bailey’s we have not had a chance to try any of your recommendations yet.
We did however stop into Rockland Bakery on Sunday for an onion rye and sourdough … I prefer a more substantial exterior/ crust however the bread is really delicious in spite of this… All I want to do every minute of the day is to eat sourdough toast…so so good. Today I had it for breakfast with some good cheddar and jam.

We also stopped into off the hook a takeout fish and chicken place in Haverstraw…my DH food nemesis does not eat fish so I ordered a small order of wings…they come attached but I was asked If I preferred them hacked … they were freshly seasoned,Cajun flavors, and coated and fried and really good with the addition of a bit of salt… the owner, a retired detective and the rest of the staff were so friendly we had a blast chatting it up while I waited for my order. I would like to go back to try an oyster po boy or possibly the porgy.

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I’ve got to try that place!

Ask them what they recommend that day … So, so nice
Bonus… less than five minutes from Aldi

Another vote for Restaurant X, and I also like Freelance Cafe in Piermont (also owned by Peter Kelly). Buy gift cards for 20% off at Costco. for any of the Xaviar’s places.

We love Freelance but tend to go when it’s warmer out. We have not been in a while now but waiting on the line can be fun with the right people around and not in the cold!!

Wow - I will do that!!

Yeah, the no reservations thing at Freelance is a pain. We went for lunch last Valentines Day, they offered a price fixed menu for $45 ($65 for dinner) and took reservations. It was great, with almost the same menu as they had for dinner (missing a couple of entrees). This year because VD was a Sunday, they were charging $65 all day so we didn’t go. Plus with the frigid temps, I had little interest in going out.

The other time we went recently we got there at 5:30 on a Friday so we didn’t have a wait.

Sunday we had a quick lunch at the Filling Station in West Haverstraw.
The burgers, dogs and fries were good as usual l … They told us they are
looking for a location in Westchester to open their next store :slight_smile:

You know I have a weakness for fries and those look great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news! Hope it is closer to mid-Westchester that Shake Shack in Cross County.

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I know there are some fans here … As reported by the Journal news

And I’m a Peter Kelly fan. This is sad news - we were just thinking of doing a Freelance run. End of an era indeed. He is such a nice man. I’m glad he is keeping his other two!! Thanks for the article.

I hope the new owner will be able to maintain both dining rooms. Multiple memories from both…

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