Robotic bartenders, the next great trend?

Daughter and SIL both sent me emails from this instillation at Planet Hollywood, The Miracle Mile Shops, in Las Vegas. Couldn’t upload their MP3 and photos here because the files were too large. So, went a Googling and found the website.

Now, I know just enough about robotics workstations to make me a dangerous commentator.

My first thought seeing this “innovation” was that some clueless barback would be crushed to death trying to restock the overhead liquor bottles because he failed to Lock Out the robots when entering their station.

My second thought was: “Why in hell is there a tip jar on the bar?”

I would honestly walk out of a place if a robot was going to make my drink

A) sometimes I will ask for a specific variation or ask the bartender to pour me a stiff one.
B) I want to support working class people, like most of us are.
C) I like a good bartender. They can make the night and offer local advice. I don’t think a robot can answer a question like “hey I’ve got the munchies, where can I get a good slice of pizza around here?”

My .02


D) Las Vegas? Robot bartenders? In other words you’ll get a scant one shot drink. No thanks.


I guess instead of a $10-$20 handshake I need to start carrying a can of WD-40 if I want to “grease” the wheels a little bit.

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Maybe WD-40 should think of a range of edible flavours in case the oil accidentally ends up in the glass.