Robin Joy - are you in Canterbury, perchance?

My morning newspaper has a letter from a Robin Joy in Canterbury, Kent. It’s written with good humour which immediately reminded me of our own Robin.

Is it you, mate?

Letter reads:

“I’m fascinated by the government’s plan to “turbo charge” no-deal Brexit plans. My car has a turbo charge which works by blowing hot air into the engine. Is their policy based on the same principle?”


Hello John,

I try to be good-humoured when I can, but I’m not the letter writer.

I’m from the Isle of Wight, but work in London during the week. This is actually about to change, as, for Brexit reasons, I’ll be spending my working week in Madrid from the end of next month, commuting weekly to the IoW.

I’ll try to up my posting game with some experiences from my new playground!


I knew you were from “down south” so made a guess about your ID.

Blimey, that’s going to be some commute! I’ve only been to Madrid once but will you get your started on food with the Mercado San Miguel - an original "proper " market hall but now entirely given over to tapas stalls. We had an excellent grazing lunch.