Roberts Maine Grill, Kittery ME

Met a friend here for lunch yesterday. Despite the fact that it is smack on Route 1 in the midst of outlets it felt away from it all. The views are oriented to woods and some kind of tidal outlet behind it, there are tons of windows and it felt like a summer cottage on steroids. The menu is basic American and executed very well. I had buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and cole slaw, all very tasty. My friend had the haddock Rueben with fries which she liked a lot. We saw the most incredible-looking onion rings at the next table. Also the folks at Maine MEat told me that they supply the ground beef for the burgers at Roberts. All desserts have a half-size option so we both went for the half-size raspberry pie a la mode – the berries had a lot of flavor and were not overly sugary, crust was a bit limp. Service was prompt and exceedingly pleasant. I would not call this destination dining but I would go again in a heart beat if needing a place to eat in Kittery.


We’ve been meaning to check out Robert’s but there are just too many places in Kittery/Portsmouth that are so tempting (eg, Anju). We’ll try harder our next time up north. Thanks for the detailed report!

Definitely a Robert’s fan. Their half-price oyster Mondays are certainly worth the trip, and the views are lovely. Recommended spot for outlet shoppers.

We love Roberts and go there for at least one lunch every time we go to Maine. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our trip this year due to a couple of family emergencies, but boy do I miss it! Roberts was recommended by someone at the hotel where we stay and she was usually right on. Roberts is not touristy and despite being right on route 1 and across from the outlets, as you say, it has a real vacation feel. Of course, DH loves all you can eat oyster day.

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We have passed by Robert’s on a few occasions. We must try it. Last time in Kittery we drove down Rt. 1 to Blind Pig Provisions on Badger Island for snacks, cocktails and a lovely view of the Piscataqua River. It is right near the Memorial Bridge into New Hampshire…

I took a solo ride north today, such a beautiful day and DH was working (columbus day for me).
Did some window shopping in Portsmouth which was very busy. Headed over the bridge to the outlets
in Kittery and ended up at Robert’s Maine Grill for lunch.
Snagged a high top in the bar and enjoyed a cup of chowder. Not too thick with plenty of clams and potatoes and well seasoned. Also had a buttered lobster roll on a toasted roll, not a NE split top more of
a brioche-type something. It was good, the lobster was well cooked, no fillers in the sandwich.
Had a Baxter Maine Lager instead of dessert. A very nice lunch overall.


What a nice thing to do on a day off!


My kind of dessert!

We always pass up Robert’s because we can’t resist Anju in a Kittery but Robert’s has come up on our radar due to other Onion’s (@GretchenS et al?) experiences.

I spent nearly all day on the phone with Microsoft/work tech support followed by a mediocre lunch at one of our normally favorite places. I’d take a daycation up to Maine any day over that.


I love Anju! But I was on Rte 1 and seafood was on my radar. Check out the community dinners on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Good food, good price and always a good cause.


It is so worth going at least once. When we go to Maine we always do a lunch there.