Roasted Squab in LA/OC

Following a conversation with one of my dear Singaporean friends I attempted to locate any places that serve roasted squab (pigeon) locally, but it seems many places have taken it off the menu in recent years. Incredibly, Tan Cang Newport Seafood even has a “Squab Poultry” section of the menu that doesn’t list a single squab dish!

Who’s still slinging squab in the kitchen?? Recommendations welcome, willing to drive!

Ho Kee Cafe

You sure? I checked both of their menus and didn’t see it. Not sure about Lunasia, but does not appear to be on the new Torrance location’s menu.

I did see that New Capital still has it on the menu, though…

Was with kids at lunch at Capital Seafood on La Cienega.

They have squab available if you call ahead day before.

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