roast beef in montreal

Any suggestions for good, old fashion, roast beef - prime rib of beef, etc.?

we lost what was arguably the best prime rib place a couple of years ago. RIP Magnan Tavern. I would recommend the Rib N’ Reef at this point as probably one of our better classic steakhouses.

THanks. Tried getting there for dinner, but with all the construction going on, lost patience.
Ended up going to La Sirene, on Jean Talon. Fish was excellent.
Hummus, lebanese salad, Tuna, Black Cod, grilled shrimp, grilled octopus (these two appetizers made up a main course), and steak. All was good, steak was meh. but what would you expect in a fish restaurant?? Hummus and salad were also good. For salad the mint wasn’t overpowering (sometimes in some places it is), and service quick and prompt and good.

Yea, Magnan was known for its “roast beef dans son jus”.

Strangely enough, I had good prime rib at Vargas years ago (just in front of place ville marie). I don’t know how it stood up.