Road trip to Montreal from Westchester county-- stops along the way?

So my husband and I are planning a long weekend in Montreal in a couple months. I voted for flying but my husband vetoed that and so we are going to drive. I’m wondering about routes-- we can take the Taconic to 87 or take 84 to 87. We have been wanting to go to Suarez brewery in Hudson but beyond that we aren’t really sure what would be worthwhile detours. On another thread some of you had recommended Saratoga Springs to me so that may be a fun place to stop for lunch.

For those of you who’ve made this drive, where are your favorite food/drink related stops? We especially like beer, cheese, and ice cream. :slight_smile:

Near Hudson is the fabulous Hawthorne Valley Farm and Market. Great variety of cheeses from their dairy. This is one of America’s most thoughtful and beautiful agricultural endeavors, Dan Barber worthy. I don’t recall if they make ice cream there. There are some ice cream farm stands up there, but they are seasonal.

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Thank you!! That definitely looks like something I’d like!

Just a couple of miles off Highway 87 in Warrensburg NY is the venerable Oscar’s Smokehouse, known for smoked meats and cheeses. I’m fond of their Cajun spiced ham.

Another 15 miles or so to the west (if you want to deviate that far from your route) is Nettle Meadow Farm, known for artisanal goat cheese. They just won an award at the San Francisco Good Food Awards for their Kunik cheese. (“Kunik” means Eskimo kiss, and you are on your own with that one).

For a last bite before Montreal, I’d stop at Gus’ Red Hots in Plattsburgh for a classic Michigan Dog (say “bury the onions” and they’ll think you’re a maven.


Thank you for this! I have had and enjoyed Kunik so that especially would be a fun stop. All noted on my map!